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Rio’s Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf)

September 15, 2008

Sometimes people ask me why we take the Global Connections students to Rio de Janeiro instead of São Paulo.  I admit, when it comes to business, São Paulo plays a bigger role than Rio de Janeiro.  And, if the program were longer, we’d have no choice but to go to São Paulo.  However, the truth is that 5 days in Rio are better than 5 days in São Paulo.  We’ll have plenty of the legitimate reasons to be in Rio (petroleum industry for example).  But it’s hard to beat Ipanema, Pão de Açúcar, and Corcovado.

Wineries and horseback riding

September 11, 2008

Yes, it is self-promotion and yes, I am trying to do a little marketing to get students interested in our trip to South America, but you too could be riding horses in the vineyard at Casa Lapostolle.  The image on our header was taken last year while riding at the vineyard.  The photo of all of those students with the sunglasses on was taken on the roof of our tour site. It’s just one of the many trips that you’ll be part of during our time in Santiago, Chile. Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle and her husband Cyril de Bournet are gracious hosts at the Clos Apalta Winery and their facilities show not only a careful sensitivity to wine, but an incredible appreciation nature, as the facilities blend into the mountainside and where gravity come into play in every step of production.  Add to this a 5-star meal at the Casa Parron, wine tasting in a cellar that could easily be part of an Indiana Jones movie, and of course, a chance to spend some time on horseback.