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Second Class, Jan 28

January 28, 2009



Hello again everyone,

Once again I apologize for not being in class today.  To add insult to injury I thought I’d add a little picture to today’s blog entry.  This is a national park called Huerkehue, with some really nice mountain lakes. And you wonder why I’m not in class!!!

I see that Diego has assigned different presentations for today’s class.  Thanks in advance for your preparation.

I wanted to say a few things about the projects.  The first is that February is traditionally vacation time in Chile and Carnaval time in Brazil.  Both imply that communication is more difficult.  In other words, be patient with your counterparts in Chile and Brazil if they don’t communicate with you as fast as you would like.  Compare it to what your email communication is like during the Christmas break.

Second, I’ve had a few emails with requests to change assignments and companies, etc.  Part of this relates to people’s perceived areas of expertise.  Please be aware that your project is not designed with the same intensity as your summer internships or future employment opportunities.  We simply organize these projects to help enhance the global connections experience.  In other words, enjoy the experience without the pressure of the “expertise” mindset.  Truth told, I’m more concerned with the cultural experience that you will have with the project, more than the actual work that is accomplished.

Finally, we changed the hotel we are staying at in Santiago.  It is cool!  And we are also working on the final changes of the visit with CODELCO.  I’m really excited to expose you to the copper mining of Chile.  This will be a great visit too.  In Brazil, we found out that there will be a game in Maracanã while we are there.  Plan on a great experience there too.

Have a great day in class.  I am truly sorry to miss out on the in-class time with you.

First Class, Jan 21

January 21, 2009

Dear Students,

Greetings from Santiago, Chile.  That’s right, I apologize, but I will not be in class today because I’m still here teaching a course in Chile (at the Universidad Católica).  You might say that I’m getting things ready for your trip.

So, today Diego will be running the class activities.  Thanks Diego.

Here are a couple of items to be aware of.

1.  I added an item to the column called “Schedule and Syllabus 2009”.  In there would will find a copy of our syllabus and the schedule of activities in Chile and Brazil.  You may download copies either as word docs or in pdf format.

2. Notice that I have updated the post called consulting projects.  We have some really great projects and I hope to get the contact information and details about the projects to you in a few days.  Please check to make sure that you are listed with the right group.  

3.  I made a post earlier about my top 10 in Rio.  Take a peek, I’ll be adding a Santiago one soon.

Consulting Projects

January 14, 2009

Welcome back from the Winter Break.  Here’s an update on things for the consulting projects.  We have 6 projects, 4 in Chile and 3 in Brazil.


1.  Casa Lapostolle – Chile

Members (full):  Noriyuki Harada, Byong Joon Kang, Chul Jung, Paulo Martin, Summer Daoud

POC: Charles-Henri de Bournet, Patricio Eguiguren, Maricarmen Lecumberri



Project:  Possible launch of a new product, with a need to do a market study in USA.


2. Club Deportivo Universidad Católica – Chile

Members:  Erin Hammond, Hitoshi Emura, Shadi Afshar, Vikas Pokala, Edyth Adedeji, Maksim Mayarovich

POC: Claudio Echeverria, Francisca Philippi


Project: ABCs of merchandising in professional sports, naming rights for sport facilities, why brands become involved in sports, creating value between sports and companies, USA Sports systems: trends and facts.


3. Plataforma Logística Del Bío-Bío, IPA – Chile

Members: Travis Preece, Andrew Lau, Christopher Lattner, Jaclyn Popeil, Sarah Mullins

POC: Fernando Carrasco Spano



Project:   This is a Real Estate Project and IPA is company that is currently managing the terrain and looking for investors to develop the Logistic Platform in the South of Chile close to Concepción City. The project is most likely to be related to the make recommendations to improve the marketing plan to find international investors which have the capacity to build this kind of project.


4. FMC Technologies 1 – Brazil

Members (Full): Eunseok Han, Hassan Johnson, Kentaro Sasamori, Gaurav Arora, Jason Chen

POC: Julio Damião


Project: A project could be for your team to work with the key responsible at CBV to take a first pass and what a “tree making machine” would look like and act.  What processes, equipment and people would we carve out to accomplish the stated objective?


5. FMC Technologies 2 – Brazil

Members (Full): Yung-Chieh Chao, Liliana Chen, Brandon Aldridge, Sophannaka Chantadisai, Hikaru Osuga

POC: Nelito Fachetti


Project: The lack of performance out of our supply base is negatively impacting our ability to satisfy our customers.  What are the causes and solutions to lack of performance from the supply base?


6.  VVS Consultores – Chile

Description: Online Market Platform

Members: Sean Mackintosh, Perry Nelson

 POC: Eugenio Vergara


Project: This is a startup company that is analyzing development of new services and products, they have been focused mainly on IT Outsourcing since they started but now they evaluating a new potential business an Online Programming Platform, where the project would be identifying and analyzing operational and commercial models of web-based marketplaces that connect businesses in need of computer programming expertise with a global, freelance market of programmers in Latin America. The people in charge of the company are really interested in the recommendations that our students will be able to provide.