Casa Lapostolle

You have now met the Marnier-Lapostolle family, including a chance to hear Charles’ vision about Casa Lapostolle and Clos Apalta.  Add a dinner at casa perron and some horseback riding and you’ve got the makings of a great afternoon in Chile.  What were your impressions?

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25 Responses to “Casa Lapostolle”

  1. Perry Says:

    Amazing visit to Casa Lapostolle. The new building was beautiful and it was interesting to hear about the care that goes into hand de-stemming and picking the grapes at night. No wonder Clos Apalto received a #1 Wine Spectator ranking.

    The most wonderful part of the day was the lunch after the presentation. We dined next to a lovely stucco house in the vineyard under a trellis covered in grapes. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I spoke with Patricio, the general manager. He has his MBA from MIT and was very fun to get to know. Today was definitely a highlight of the trip.

  2. Sarah Says:

    The visit to Casa Lapostolle was a definite highlight for me. The grounds and buildings were absolutely amazing. The architecture was modern, yet fit right in to the surroudings of mountians and rows of vines. After a really interesting lecture and tour of the facility, we had such a fabulous lunch with great food and even better wine! All of the employees were so knowledgable and open to sharing their experiences. For sure put this one on the itinerary for next year!

  3. Jaclyn Says:

    The visit to Casa Lapostolle was amazing! The vineyard was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. The actual building was one of most unique parts of the vineyard. It looked like it was designed in the shape of a wine barrel.

    After the tour we had lunch outside and had a lovely three-course meal. I was impressed with everyone’s hospitality and would welcome a summer internship there!

  4. Brandon Says:

    Casa Lapostolle was a relaxing experience. I feel like this visit really gave some insight into the detail that goes into producing wine. Every inch of the winery is designed with the greatest attention to detail. For example, the winery was built into a solid granite formation with a top down approach. As you traverse through the winery, you traverse through the life of the wine. From the top level where the grapes are handpicked, to the middle level where they ferment, to the next level down where they are stored in barrels, to the basement cellar which contains over 2000 bottles of the finest wine.

    The terrain or “terroi” as Charles explained was its’ own story and attention to detail. Casa Lapostolle is more than a winery, it’s an expression of lifestyle.

    Diego took us out to sample the Chilean night life at Ooracus, a fun club/restaurant. Good times…

  5. Sophannaka Says:

    The scenery and building at Casa Lapostolle were beautiful. The food and wine were very good. The tour was nice. The location for our lunch was amazing. We were surrounded by grapes and I really like an environment in this winery.

    After lunch, I had a chance to be on a horseback; the last time I was riding on a horse was around 15 years ago, so I was excited to be on a horse again—even though this time was only for taking a picture ^-^. This was a great experience for me. We were treated very nicely. I can say that this visit was the most impression of this trip for me so far.

  6. Travis Says:

    Casa Lapostolle was an outstanding day trip. It was nice to see a presentation that appeared to be made for MBA’s (ex/porter’s 5 forces), as well as their company history. This visit was a great way to see the wine/liquor industry from a marketing prospective…for example, I find it interesting that they sell their wine in the US for half the price of in Chile. Naturally, we thought buying wine at the casa lapostolle shop might be a bad idea for this reason.

    I definitely reiterate what everyone else said about the food, the location, the horseback riding, etc. They really took care of us, and it was of course a highlight of the trip.

  7. Sean Says:

    Our visit to the Casa Lapostolle winery was a close second on my list of top company visits in South America. The architecture, landscaping, and scenery of the winery could seriously be straight out of a magazine photo shoot.

    The day started out with a presentation from Charles. It was interesting to hear about the wine industry in Chile and the struggles they face when trying to sell their wines in the US, namely, the fact the Americans think of France and Italy when they want a high-quality wine and that Chile still has a lot of work to do in order to build its reputation among the leading wine regions of the world. It was cool to see Charles go through the Porter’s five forces as they relate to the wine industry. We have spent quite a bit of time discusses these forces in our Strategic Management class, so it was nice to see it again in a real-life application.

    Our lunch took place under a canopy of grapes overlooking the valley below, making a picture-perfect setting for lunch in a vineyard. After lunch we were get out in the sun and explore the vineyard on horseback or mountain bike. I’m not too comfortable around horses, so I opted for the mountain bike. It was a hot, dusty ride but fun nonetheless. We were even able to see workers out in the fields picking the grapes.

    I’ll definitely give Chilean wines, and Casa Lapostolle in particular, a try the next time I find myself in Spec’s.

  8. Shadi Says:

    I’m going to bet that the visit to Casa Lapostalle was on most everyones list of favorite activities. I can not begin to describe how beautiful the scenery was and the unique architecture of the building and house at the top. It did seem like something that would be pictured in Dwell magazine. The presentation from Charles was good, but the highlight was definitely having the chance to tour the facility. The staircase reminded me of the Guggenheim in NYC. The ‘tasting room’ was awesome with its staircase that went down through the glass bar top. And the lunch outdoors under the canopy of grapes could not be beat. The food and wine were great. After the lunch, I biked through the vineyard with a big smile on my face the whole time. I loved the visit and really appreciated the immense hospitality of Charles and his team.

  9. Edyth Says:

    Casa Lapostolle visit today was awesome. I slept most of the bus ride down there but I woke up just before we drove in. Our drive into their acreage was beautiful, the landscape coupled with the beautiful weather and the mountain backdrop was really something to behold. I dont think that the pictures we took could ever do it justice but they would be good reminders. The facility itself was beautiful. I loved the stairwells as well and I took a couple cool pictures of it.

    Lunch was held outdoors under the grapes and it was delicious. I took advantage of the horseback riding and my really excited horse got me nervous (It’s my second time horseback riding). I think I took at least 200 pictures today.

    I have to mention that the lecture by Charles Lapostolle was also really good. I have been wine tasting before, and we read a case about the wine industry in strategy class but getting an insider’s version of the story helped to tie a lot of lose ends.

    Some of us ended the night at a local discoteca and that was a nice close out to check out some more of the city… Altogether, it was a great day…

  10. Noriyuki Says:

    This was a day when our team made a presentation with regard to the consulting project to the Casa Lapostolle. Given the limited time for preparation, we did our best and I am satisfied with the result. I hope they had at least a little take away from our presentation. After the presentation, I really enjoyed good wine and excellent food outside a country house in a vineyard, without having to worry about the consulting project anymore! The weather was so sunny and perfect. I would like revisit this place someday.

  11. Byong Says:

    At last, the visit to Casa Lapostolle.

    For us Casa group, today was combination of business and pleasure, but mostly pleasure. The whole ride from the hotel to the winery was very scenic, but as soon as we arrived to the gate of Casa it was WOW.

    It was beautiful everything, great scenery of the vineyard, uniquely designed building, and everything surrounding the place. Charles’s presentation was very interesting and informative, and it all seems to make sense. Our presentation, I think went well, but Charles seems to want to make this a bigger project like the Plus. Well I won’t be here next semister, but I think it will make an interesting project.

    It was great to see everyone look so relaxed and happy. It was one of the places during the trip that I wish I would have come here with my family.

    I have a feeling that I will be drinking more of Chilean wine from now on, great way to building brand, or country, loyalty. By the way there is a rumor that there will be shortage of wine coming out Chile this year… due to McCombs MBA.

  12. Chris Says:

    The trip to Casa Lapostolle was great. At lunch we were waited on hand and foot with multi-course meals…I had no idea this trip was going to be so luxurious…I’m beginning to feel spoiled. In truth, I’d just as soon saved some money and cut down on some of the fancy stuff. But I guess that is an interesting experience, too; I’ve never had such fancy meals in my life. Not sure how cultural that experience is, though. I feel a little too much like a “rich American.”
    Horseback riding was cool. The only requirement from my fiance was to get a picture of myself on a horse. Mission accomplished. This was my first horseback ride, and I had a blast! I can’t believe how responsive the horse was; it was like driving a living car!
    I am very impressed to see that our lecture is given by Charles Marnier-Lapostolle, himself! Charles is very knowledgeable. As Travis mentioned, the presentation seems geared towards MBAs, which I appreciate. I am definitely sold on Chilean wine as an outstanding value.

  13. Andrew Says:

    Casa Lapostolle was a fantasy. Highlights included the opportunity to sample incredible Chilean wine, an unreal lunch under grape vines and riding horses through the vineyard. The experience was incredible, but I also enjoyed learning about the Marnier-Lapostolle family history and the wine industry in general. I did not know much about the wine industry, but after hearing the dedication and years of hardwork without profit, I have a greater respect for the people that are so passionate about wine, that they are willing to dedicate years of their lives to make great wine.

  14. Liliana Says:

    Wine making is always a combination of art and science; Casa Lapostolle is a perfect example. From insisting on hand-picking the grapes to crafting the luxurious Clos Apalta with devotion, all the dedications show that Casa Lapostolle is not only a good wine maker, but an artist who is trying to let people know about the beauty of fine wine. In Charles’ presentation, I could feel the family’s passion about preserving the best and pursuing the better. They preserve the tradition of using only oak barrels to make quality wines; they use the nature of gravity to effectively transport the grapes; they maintain the well-revered family name to create new brands in the New World. I guess it was this kind of passion and emotion behind the wine itself made this winery visit so impressive for people who don’t even drink, like me.

  15. Paulo Says:

    This was the big day for the Casa Lapostolle group. The day of our presentation. After a shot trip we arrived at he gorgeous site were the winery is located. We saw a presentation of the winery given by Charles and I managed to see the differences between a mass production winerry such as Concha y Toro and a boutique winery such as Casa Lapostolle.

    The presentation went well and we had the pleasure of having the winery CEO, Patricio, watching it together with Charles. I felt that even though they liked what we presented they wanted more from us. Nevertheless it was very interesting because it went more as a business meeting than as a regular presentation as it was pointed out to me latter by professor Kelm.

    After a great lunch accompained by amazing wines our group went back to do some brainstorming about what we had presented in the morning with Charles and Patricio and have a winery tour afterwards while the rest of the students went horseback riding.

    Hopefully Charles will be intersted in developing a plus project next fall so that we can bring him more information for his Pisco project.

  16. Vikas Says:

    I rode a horse for the first time and was shocked at how much my horse sweat. I had to get my jeans dry cleaned at the hotel when I got back. But it was interesting to see how responsive the horse was to my movements with the reigns. I always imagined that the horse would decide where it would go to some degree. But it was just like driving, except I did not try to speed at all.

  17. Eunseok Han Says:

    I am the person who really loves to drink wine. But I didn’t know that much about wine producing and wine market as a whole. It was very good to learn more about those things with the help of Charles. According to him, world wine market is so tough and competitive to make profits and thus, country image is very important to market wine. With all that, Casa Lapostolle’s production strategy is to produce premium wine and to challenge the biggest wine maker, France. Casa Lapostolle has the perfect natural circumstance to produce wine, for example, the winery is surrounded by mountains, which makes periodical natural shade, necessary for producing good wine. Then, I tasted 3 kinds of wine at the cozy tasting room. Previously, I was into Shiraz from Australia but after tasting those wines, I could become a fan of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc especially produced from Casa Lapostolle.

    The lunch in the vineyard is really something that I can’t forget. The mixture of perfect course menu, excellent wines, and even such a nice weather couldn’t be better than anything. I just imagined that this place is the most fantastic place for wedding banquet and dreamed that I could get married here in the future. I sat in front of Patrico, the general manger of Casa Lapostolle, and it was so interesting to listen to him talking about wine history of Chile to global expansion strategy of Casa Lapostolle.

  18. Hikaru Says:

    Today was the most relaxing day in this trip. We went to the winery which focuses on a premium wine. At first, I was stunned by designs of constructions in the winery. Wines were of course wonderful. I also enjoyed lunch outside and horse riding. Unfortunately, in Japan, we have no this kind of facilities. I really envied Chilean.

  19. Summer Says:

    This was my project day, so I was really excited to check out the place in person. having visited Concho Y Toro the day before, it was an interesting comparison. Casa Lapastolle was def what I imagined, and Charles was as good looking as he was hyped up to be. Well maybe it was the fact that he was the heir of this amazing Winery 😉 Regardless, the opening presentation was VERY different then at Concho Y Toro as it was less about the financials and more about Casa Lapastolle’s history and the industry as a whole. I found it interesting that CL was more of a prestige for the Marnier/Lapastolle family and seemed less interested in turning a big profit. This seemed like a place they wanted to bring their family over from France to show off, but it was def something worth showing off!

    I didnt get to do horseback riding and the original tour as my team had to do our presentation to Charles and their CEO as well. I got the strong French vibe from them as they seemed to know what they wanted already and I had a hard time reading if they liked much of what we came up with. Seemed like we had a few good points, but there were many they debated with us on. Overall, I think it went well, but Charles wanted a lot of follow up work, which will probably be best as a PLUS project next year.

    Then off to lunch, which was one of my favorite meals of the trips. The empanadas were AMAZING, and so were the octopus and avocado appetizers. I ate so many of those, accompanied by some refreshing white wine. It was an amazing view and just a really beautiful lunch underneath grape vines. After lunch, I got to do a tour and do some more tasting 🙂 While we were waiting for the rest of the group to come back from the horse area, Jaclyn and I sat with our feet in the pool overlooking the whole property, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was so serene that I was considering hiding somewhere so I could stay there longer!!

  20. Kentaro Says:

    Casa Lapostolle was impressive. I felt that I was in south France rather than Chile. Beautiful view of the vineyard, well designed tasting room and building, and lunch were all different from what I imagined about Chile. I enjoyed Chilean wine the most in my life. I had not known that Chilean wine was so great! With the nice weather and delicious meal and wine, I really felt vacation.

  21. Yung-Chieh Says:

    This is my first time to visit a winery. Everything is so beautiful and you may feel you are in a wonderful dream, not a real world. After Charles’ presentation, I realized that the how his family operated the business and insisted to do the best thing. That really impressed me, especially when we tasted Clos Apalta. For me, Clos Apalta is a mixture of tradition, family honor and insistence.
    The lunch in vineyard is the memory I will remember. Of course, food was great. I even tried a tradition dish- corn sauce. Besides, this is the first time during this trip I was almost drunk. :p

  22. Gaurav Says:

    Day 5 – Thursday, March 12 – Casa Lapostolle Winery

    Casa Lapostolle is a family owned business started by Marnier Lapostolle family from France and the Rabat family from Chile in 1994. We were received by Charles, one of the owners of the company who gave us a very good insight into the wine business. He mentioned that the wine produced by the company is marketed as Chilean by Nature, French by Design. The company owns 4 large wineries in Chile and exports 80% of the wine produced to US. In the wine business, the critics have a lot of power. With so many varieties of wine produced around the world and with myriads of substitutes in the market, strategic marketing is the key to success in this business.

    The company has a built a strong brand over many years since they ventured into wine business in Chile. The company sells 40% of the wine on-premise, which is very high compared to the competitors. For off-premise sale, the company targets selective wine-stores and retailers like Cosco. The company does not sell through Walmart because the company thinks that Walmart treats wine like a commodity and does not provide a good wine-buying experience to the consumers. With Chile having 60 free trade agreements with countries around the world, it makes it easier for the company to market the wine to many countries around the world. After the presentation by the owner, we were taken on a winery our where we saw the wine being fermented in big barrels that were imported from Europe. The company places special emphasis on harvesting the wine with hand instead of with the machines since this preserves the quality of the wine. We were offered a wonderful lunch at the winery and later some of us went on a horse-ride around the winery. The winery tour was one of the hallmarks of the entire trip.

  23. Jason Says:

    As in the age of middle 30s, I got some of my “first” experiences during this trip. It was my first time visiting the winery, doing a wine testing, and having a horse-back riding. Even though I’m not a wine person, I still can feel the enthusiasm the owner and manager hold to bring the Chilean wine to the top-class level and to polish their brand name. Also, dining in the vineyard was a tremendous break for me, because it was so relaxing and the food was fantastic. I think if I can turn back the clock, I will go back again and spend more days living in that admired place.

  24. Hassan Says:

    Talking or recapping this day doesn’t do it justice. You have to literally experience it. We’re talking acres and acres of wine grapes and this beautiful processing facility at the top of the hill that looks like some Robin Leach-esque house of some over-zealous contemporary artist. This place was amazing. The cool thing is that the design of the facility wasn’t simply for aesthetics, it was designed in a spiral shape to help the slow stirring of the wine while processing in the huge fermentation barrels. I thought that was super cool.
    Then we went downstairs to enjoy some of the wine and the oh some famous and ultra premium, moderately priced Clos Apalta (sp?). I hadn’t had any form of spirit for almost two years until then, but I wasn’t gonna pass up the opportunity to enjoy such posh treatment.
    We then had lunch at little house outside and the food and experience was marvelous. I tell you, I don’t know how anybody gets anything done there, I mean it’s like living some luxurious dream. It was amazing.

  25. Erin Says:

    This trip was one of my favorite adventures. One of the things I love most when I travel is not necessarily seeing different buildings or having fancy cuisine, but moreso enjoying different and beautiful landscapes and natural scenary. I had been a little sad that things were so dry in Chile during the time that we were there. The trip to Casa Lapostelle was a breath of fresh air for me.

    As much as the architecture of the winery was beautiful and interesting and the different features like the glass table were fun and surprising, the view from the winery was absolutely breathtaking. I remember telling Hassan that I could never get tired of a view like that. He appearantly loved it but was more of a city boy at heart. Not me, I could have stared at those green fields and soft hills forever.

    Lunch was very enjoyable as well. I like that we were able to enjoy it outside so that we could soak in even more of the view as we ate. I did get tired of the bees, however, and found out that it was the wrong day to wear burnt orange.

    Topping it off with a horseback ride was the perfect way to end. I only wish we had had more time to tour the fields on horseback than what we did. It was fun to see the cowboys in all of my classmates and pretty funny to see Diego trotting back towards us on his horse, with that beautiful backdrop,….on his cellphone. I wonder if anyone got a shot of that one.

    This trip teased my curiousity to see what Chile would look like in the spring. It was appearant that with a little water, that part of the country would be fairly lush and beautifully green.

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