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SK Last Day in São Paulo

August 17, 2012

Our last day in São Paulo.  We started with David Kaul, who gave us insights into Google, and life as an ex-pat in São Paulo.  Then, Daniel Wong helped us understand operations of ESPN in Brazil.  We then took a bus through Pinheiros, including a view of the car dealerships in some of São Paulo’s affluent district.  Stopping at UNICA, Ademar Altieri presented excellent insights into Brazil’s energy sector.  After lunch at the Villa Lobos mall, we then proceeded to Butantã, where we got a peek at the snakes that are part of their ongoing research.

Hey, was that the longest line at the airport that you have ever seen in your life?  Amazing.

What are you major take-aways that you learned about today?


SK Latin Finance, Ibirapuera Park

August 15, 2012

We had three major activities today.  We started with a discussion about the case “World Ship”, with excellent observations and team discussion.  Next Raul Ciarelli gave us a lecture about IPOs in Brazil, and the history of recent developments in the Brazilian Stock Market, specifically Novo Mercado and BOVESPA Mais.  Later, we heading to Ibirapuera Park.  There were lots of pictures, lots of beautiful flowers, and we even had a chance to play some basketball.  Lauren’t got a good dribble, Terry has a good long shot, and Orlando, he’s just big.

What are your observations about today’s activities? What did you learn about Brazil, Brazilian culture today?


SK Mercado Central

August 9, 2012

How about the fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, drinks, and foods?  Yes, you have now seen the beautiful Mercado of São Paulo.  Again, in what ways did this experience remind you of South Korea?  In what ways was it different from what one would find in South Korea?  Identify some of the differences using LESCANT to give you some categories.  More importantly, what did the experience give you in terms of a new cultural perspective?


SK LESCANT Introduction

August 9, 2012

Today we learned the LESCANT model, as a way of looking at cultural differences.  You have now been in Brazil for a week.  Looking back on things that you have seen, what some of the differences between South Korea, The United States, and Brazil.  Think of specific examples related to:




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