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Presentation Groups

January 20, 2015

Bogotá: (Corona) Glenda Ochoa – Ran a full marathon, Caitlin Miller – Michigan, Slovakia for a year, Poonam Prasad – Can say all states in US in alphabetical order in less than 30 seconds, Sinzi Ursu – Originally from Romania

Cali: (La Gaitana) Paul Langdale – Stephen Hawking chased him saying, “I’m going to get you”, Kumar Abhinav – Drives 85 in 35 zone, JC Zapata – travelled to 32 countries, rides a bike to work, Humberto Garza – Monterrey, rides a motorcycle to school

Medellín: (3M) Mason Ginsberg – New Orleans, basketball, Krista Dittmar – Philadelphia and injury prone, John Veracruz – Energy & Earth Resources, Captain in Army reserves, Tabish Khan – EER, Air Force

Cartagena: (Totto) Doug Marton – Connecticut, Payal Bhati – Dubai, Nick Flanagan – D.C and volleyball, but can’t jump high

Armenia: (Bancolombia) Alex Molnar – Supply officer in the Navy, Suhas Mullapudi – lived in 3 countries: India, Singapore, US, Travis Buhler – Spanish Translation undergraduate degree

Manizales: (Nutresa) Eric Doane – Jersey Shore, Scott Hill – part-time firefighter, Brandi Young– Heimlich Maneuver

Santa Marta: (Ruta N) Keiko  – Half Colombian, Unicycle, Lucero Perez – Monterrey and certified yoga instructor, Durham – super Halloween costumes, David Marrero – Puerto Rico / Miami, played football at Stanford

Barranquilla: (Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas) Kim Tryce – lives in San Antonio, engaged to a Cajun, Simon Rodriguez – New Orleans, basketball, pet alligator that he caught with his hands, David Denis – Almost drowned in a swimming pool