South Africa 2017

Here we go. Welcome to our blog for McCombs Global Connections 2017, with our trip to South Africa.  I’m Orlando Kelm and our GRA this year will be Funda Sarilar. The staff member to accompany us on the trip will be Rebecca Gavillet.

So let’s start with some decision.  Many of our visits are already scheduled, but others we wanted to wait to get your preferences.

First, we would like to take you on a winery tour, including visits with business content.  Here are two wineries that we are considering.  When we have our first meeting, we’d like to get your feedback on which one you prefer:

1. Spier ( is one of the bigger wineries and has a strong sustainability focus and community outreach program. They produce a sustainability report, engage community stakeholders and have an environmental tilt. They grow a wide variety, and have global distribution. 

2. Delheim ( the other hand is one of the few wineries that is still family owned and gives a taste (no pun intended), of the old vineyard culture transitioning for modern demand. It’s into the hills of Stellenbosch with great views. 

Second, we hope to take you on a visit that has a marketing/advertising focus.  Here are 4 options that we have been looking at.  We’d like to get your feedback on preferences:

  1.  Publicis Machine

2.  Red Bull Amaphiko

3.  Derrick Advertising

4.  GD Industries


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