Colombia, First Impressions

March 14, 2016

museo del oro5Day 0 March 6

Some come early, others arrive late. Some get oriented quickly, others feel a bit lost.  Welcome to our global connections trip for 2016.  Please add a post with your first impressions.  What are the things that jumped out at you right away, knowing that you were in a new country and a new culture?  What let you know that you were in Colombia?

Photo: Exposition from the Museo del Oro.

Study Groups for 2016

January 20, 2016

Here are our groups:

  1. McCombhombres: Stephanie Moten, Kyle Gabb, Carl Hargreaves, Elizabeth Sickler.  Company – Choucair. Pre-departure presentation – La Gaitana
  2. Kik Start: Karen Madera, Kavita Rangaswamy, IBK Olubanjo. Company – Codiscos Musica
  3. The Executives: Krista Fischer, Hannah Sierra, Tyler Hjalmquist, Ivo Frank. Company – Demand Frontier. Pre-departure presentation – Totto
  4. David Fang, David Chung, Kent Kronenberg, Yeony Bae. Company – Panter Codiscos. Pre-departure presentation – This Week in Colombia
  5. Anna Knyazhitskay, Victor Okocha, Curtis Davis. Company Inncubated. Pre-departure presentation – US Embassy & American Women’s Club
  6. Bryan Benson, Jessica Jozwiak, Paolo Boero. Company – Tronex SAS – Soluciones Logísticas. Pre-departure presentation – Corona
  7. Mike Ramirez, Ashley Tisdale. Company – Grupo Familia 1
  8. Destin Whitehurst, Adriana Penalba, Laura Szymanski, Brittany Rogers. Company Grupo Familia 2

Welcome to the 2016 class!

October 27, 2015

IMG_1231Here we go, Global Connections Colombia 2016!  Welcome to our class, and thanks for joining us.  I’m Orlando, our graduate assistant is Lucero Perez, and our McCombs Staff representative is Deidra Stephens.  And you, are the class of 2016, the salsa dancing, mountain hiking, coffee picking, start-up consulting, arepa eating crew to take in Bogotá, Zona Cafetera, and Medellín.  Thanks for joining us.

Program wrap-up

March 19, 2015

Dear students,

Thank you again for the opportunity to accompany you on our global trip to Colombia.  This year was unique for me because it was my first experience to lead students to a place that I also had never been to. (I know, it makes you wonder what the word ‘lead’ could mean.) Normally I enjoy the opportunity to expose students to things that I myself have previously loved, appreciated, observed, or experienced.  This year was much different, because I got to experience it with you, and at the same time as you. I try hard to stay in the shadows, and let you take the forefront.  That was more difficult this year, simply because you were all such delightful travel partners.

I have been traveling to Latin America for nearly 40 years, and it holds a pretty solid and large portion of my heart. Selfishly I always hope that others come away from trips to Latin America with some of the sense of why it is dear to me.  And I believe that we did accomplish that to some degree.  This year we also got to feel that same sense from Eli, who was able to bring his home country to you.

I also believe that the reason the McCombs sponsors the global trips is to help you to learn some of the issues that would make you more effective when conducting business with others beyond our borders and beyond our cultural norms of experience. Colombia seemed to have a wonderful mix of vibrant potential, an itching to explode on the global stage, and the Latin American bumps in the road that foster flexibility and creative thinking.

Again, thanks to all.

Tuesday, March 17- Medellin 

March 19, 2015

I am always amazed how months of planning fly by in just a few days, and here we are at the end of our program.   Ruta-N was. Our last ompany visit and then we ended our official activities at Restaurante Carmen.  What did Ruta-N show you about Colombian attempts ant development?  How did that fit into your overall impressions of Medellin?

Monday, March 16- Medellin 

March 19, 2015

Our extremely full day began with a visit to Bancolombia, followed by Nutresa, followed by EAFIT.  Who says we can’t do it all? All three parts of our day gave us a new perspective on Colombia and how things are done here. What were your take-a-ways from today?

Sunday, March 15 – Medellin

March 16, 2015

From Bogota to the coffee region to Medellin. What are your first impression of Medellin?  For those who went on the city tour, what makes Medellin distinct? And for those who were feeling rather sicky, we are glad this was a day to rest up.

Saturday, March 14 – Coffee Region

March 15, 2015

Zip lining, check.  Filandia, check.  Solento, check. Jeep Willy’s, check.  Cocora Valley, check. 6-hour bus ride through mountain roads which led to, as Poonam called it, vomaggedon, check.  So how was your day?

Friday, March 13 – Coffee Region

March 15, 2015

We’ve all got the sunburns to prove it, we have been coffee picking.  Today we spent the day with Jesus Martin, who has a passion for coffee production like I have never seen.  What did you get from today’s experience?

Thursday, March 12 – Bogota

March 15, 2015

Don’t let the outside of the building fool you, there was a lot going on in the inside of Totto.  And we also took in a visit to their flagship store, that was all about image.  Give us your insights about Totto.

And we say goodbye to Bogota, and it’s off to Armenia and the zona cafetera.