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February 3, 2009

Here’s a little summary of the notes that I took last week when visiting with CDUC (Claudio, Marcelo, and Francisca).

1.  Merchandizing.  US sports companies have tons of experience in merchandizing.  They have a wide range of products, distribution channels, and a wide vision of items to sell and ways to sell them.  Latin American sports is much more limited in this way.  CDUC is interested in hearing about the Univ. of Texas strategy.  What is the value of the UT brand? How does it get promoted?  CDUC would like to get a sense of the vision of UT merchandizing and specific ideas about the strategies behind it.  CDUC just recently made online purchases available, but they have just started and feel that there is much more that they can learn how to do.
2.  Naming Rights.  
Claudio recently took a tour of Ohio State University campus.  He was blown away by the facilities and the campus.  (OSU has a student rec facility similar to our Gregory Gym).  CDUC is also about to build some new facilities with basketball courses, facilities for weight rooms, physical fitness programs, volleyball, etc.  They couldn’t believe how impressive the OSU facility was, and how visual the sponsorship and support was:  bricks with the printed name of donors, different sections of the facilities that bare the names of honorees or donors,  plaques and signs with sponsorship, multi-layers sponsorships where shared by more than one company, etc.  CDUC, as a club, doesn’t have alumni per se, but they do have longtime members.  These have never been used for sponsorship or donations.  I would suggest that you learn about UT’s alumni programs and how they are used for sponsorship and donations.  You may even want to take some pictures at the alumni center, gregory gym, and the football and track fields.  The Chilean public is not used to this concept and the possibilities for growth in this area are gigantic.  The new facility that CDUC is going to build is a great opportunity to tap into new financial resources, implementing naming rights, and gaining sponsorship in ways that they never have before.  It may very well be that gregory gym or the improved football stadium will provide insights for them.
I should add that in Santiago (and in all of Chile in general) the most popular club is colo colo (with about 50%).  It is the team of the masses.  In second place is Univ. de Chile and they hold about 20% following.  CDUC takes third place, with about 8% of the fan base.  However, the 8% of the fan base for CDUC draws from a wealthier portion of the population.  So, although they only represent 8%, the purchasing power is much higher than the other leading clubs.  My sense is that this will be an important factor and you’ll want to understand its ramifications when you communicate with Francisca.
One final thing, Francisca is a great fan of field hockey.  Add a little twist to that area and she’d love it.

And here’s a little bio on the CDUC team that Erin sent to Francisca:



Edyth Adedeji:

I am a first year student (Class of 2010) at the McCombs school of Business, University of Texas.  Prior to business school, I worked at Accenture for 5 years in its System’s Integration and Technology Consulting division section. I decided to apply to business school because I realized I like to play with numbers and I wanted to increase my finance knowledge. I love to play football(soccer) and I love to travel, so I am excited about working on this project.  I look forward to learning a new culture and learning more about a soccer club.


Shadi Afshar:

I am a first year McCombs student, part of the class of 2010.  I am concentrating in Marketing, but also have an interest in Operations.  Prior to business school I worked at Deloitte Consulting, focusing on extremely large technology integration projects.  Although I find the technology industry very dynamic and challenging, I wanted to change direction and work in industries I am more passionate about.  Arts, fashion, traveling and culture are aspects of life that excite me and this project provides an ability to dive into one of the most integral parts of the South American culture, Soccer.  I look forward to learning more as well as contributing to the experience.


Vikas Pokala:

I am a 1st year MBA student concentrating in Strategic Marketing.  Prior to business school, I worked at IBM as a product test engineer for the System-p brand servers.  I chose this project because I am interested in both brand management and sports.  It would be interesting to work on a project with both aspects.


Hitoshi Emura :

I am a 2nd year MBA student concentrating in Finance. I am a sponsored student by my employer, Nomura Security, which is a Japanese brokerage house. Prior to MBA, I worked at Merger and Acquisition Dept as a financial advisor for six years. After MBA, I will go back to Japan and work for Nomura again. Soccer is the most popular sports in Japan as it is in Chile. I am also a big fan of soccer. I started playing soccer from when I was 7 years old, and I am still playing in MBA soccer club in McCombs business school. This project is a great opportunity for me to observe and experience a real club management business. I believe that our international team can help the company explore possibilities to expand the club brand and business into international markets.


Erin Hammond:

I am a 1st year MBA student concentrating in Finance and Marketing. My undergraduate degrees are in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and I worked as an Electrical Design Engineer in the Military Aerospace industry. I chose this project for two main reasons among many. The first main reason is that soccer always has been and always will be a passion and way of life for me. I have played at the competitive level since I was in grade school. I continue to play competitively in leagues here in Austin and tournaments across multiple states. I believe that I know quite a bit about the soccer lifestyle for both athletes and fans. The other main reason is because my ambition is to start building a career at Nike when I finish my MBA. This project provides valuable business experience in the sports arena and helps me better prepare for my desired career path.