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First Impressions 2011

March 6, 2011

I just love first impressions when traveling to a new place.  Since everyone in our group is coming to China for the first time, this is everyone’s chance to think of their first impressions.  We’ll never again experience the sensation of  our first impressions of China.  That is why I include a little picture at the airport.  I think Beijing airport is beautiful.  I love the style, size, and efficiency of things.  Here’s a little picture of where they take your temperature as you walk in – “Temperature detection, proceed slowly!”

Everyone in our group will arrive at different times on different flights, some alone, some with others.  Everyone will figure out how to get to the hotel, when to change their money, and what will be the first thing they eat.  Others will link up to wifi within minutes of landing, and some will have to let people back home know that they arrived safely.  Some will turn on the TV, others will find the gym.  So da jia (everyone), tell us about your first impressions.