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March 16, 2010 Consulting Projects Night Cruise

March 22, 2010

Say it isn’t so, but today was the last official day of the program!  Already!  Amazing.  Today Yihaodian, Chic, Trend, and Praxis all got to give there final presentations, while others went in small groups to visit with Prent and Spring Global.  It seemed like everyone came back with cool gifts too.  Tell us about your company visits today.  What have they taught you about your own perceptions, ideas, and opinions about work in China?

A little cruise on the Pujiang River and a little karaoke and we’re closing the program off in style.  Yes, that was Joel rappin’ and yes, Kylia probably did lose her voice from singing nearly every song!

March 12, 2010 Good bye Beijing, Hello Shanghai

March 22, 2010

A little of an early start to get our flight out of Beijing, but it did mean that we were in our hotel in Shanghai by early afternoon, giving everyone a chance to walk around the area at Nan Jin Lu and the Bund.  Some of us wanted to make sure that Daniel was able to get to the SWFC observatory, and you really can look down from the floor to the building below!  Our intro to Shanghai included the alumni dinner at the Seagull Palace Restaurant, including the chance to meet up with lots of alumni.

Include in your comments today some of your final impressions of Beijing and add your initial comparison of Beijing and Shanghai.  On to phase 2 of our trip!