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March 11, 2010 Intel and Summer Palace

March 22, 2010

Who would have guessed that among the sites to see at the summer palace, you would all be part of the site seeing. Liz, Kylia, Paulo, Robson, it seemed like everyone wanted to have their picture taken with people from our group.  We began the day with a visit to Intel China, and how gracious they were.  We nearly spent 4 hours with them, with great insights into the company’s philosophy, scope, and strategy in China.  The expats and international employees provided open and detailed descriptions of their work in China.  How about for you?  What did you take away from the experience at Intel?

After Intel there was more time for some shopping (or going to Tim’s BBQ for a quick round of darts) and then we went to the Summer Palace.  The evening again was yours to do whatever you wanted.