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Final comments. Thanks to everyone!

March 23, 2009

dscn4829I just loved accompanying all of you to Chile and Brazil this year.  Thanks so much. One of the great benefits of being a professor is to watch students experience new things.  To me education is based on what the students do, not what a professor does.  And in this case I had a perfect vantage point to watch students doing a lot.  From company visits, interviews, and presentations to tours with hard hats, drinks in hands, and food on plates, from cheering soccer players to hugging children in the favelas.  Thank you.

I also enjoyed seeing your work with the consulting projects this year.  Nothing enhances education more than getting away from the theoretical and doing something that is real.  Your consulting projects gave real feedback to companies that needed real advice based on real data.  I have already received emails from many of the companies who have thanked me for your work.

Finally, I enjoyed the social side of hanging out with young people for two weeks. Watching you eat, drink, play, swim, chill, study, email, text, sleep, are all delightful.  And I even learned how to play Mahjong!

Also, a special thanks to Diego and Sonia.  How cool was it to have Diego lead us through Chile?   And for those of you who missed it, you should have seen Sonia just melt as she sat in Vinicius listening to Bossa Nova.  I’m so glad that McCombs came up with the idea to have someone be responsible for all of the financial side of our global trips.

Muito obrigado,