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Coffee Region, Day 6

March 14, 2016

IMG_4068Day 6, March 12

Who says that you can’t do it all in one day?!

Zip lining, check!  Coffee picking, check! Lunch in Salento, check!  Jeep Willies to Cocora Valley, check!  Walking among wax palms, check! Coffee roasting and tasting, check!  Shopping in Salento… well OK, lightening, a power outage, and pouring rain did affect that.  However, it was still a great evening for the hot tub at the La Esperanza Finca Hotel.

Tell us about the impressions of your day.

Coffee Region – Bogotá, Day 5

March 14, 2016

IMG_3986Day 5, March 11

It’s hard to pick coffee on a plantation in Armenia when a person is still in a hotel in Bogotá.  Sure enough, with 2 cancelled flights, and a 4:00am arrival at the hotel, this day included creative ways to decide how to best adjust our schedule with a full day of activities that would need to be rescheduled.  The decision: get to Armenia and try to fit it all in on the following day.  So, back to the airport in Bogotá, and yes, we did arrive in the coffee region.

The day was not completely lost because we did end the evening with a visit to El Solar restaurant (complete with the first celebration of Jessica’s birthday).

As to Colombia, what did you learn and appreciate better as a result of this day?