Day 9, Tuesday March 19

March 25, 2019

Jeju Haenyeo, Woman diver

Every year I am amazed at how quickly the Global Trip seems to fly by.  This year was no different for me, here we are, already at the final official day of the program.  Thanks to our guides Helen and Kim, we were able to adjust the schedule on the final day, giving all of you the option to have our own personal day, or have time to see some of the famous and beautiful sites on Jeju Island. For those who chose to do their own thing, I hope it was wonderful. For those of you who traveled to Manjunggal Caves, Ilchulbang peak (sunrise peak), and watched the Jeju Haenyeo, the women divers, I’m pretty sure it was unforgettable.

We finished the day at our farewell dinner (can you believe the number of dishes that are left over at the end of Korean meals!) and to top it off, a little karaoke on the bus, with Sol leading us off.

Thanks for a wonderful day, an awesome experience, and a beautiful exposure to Korean business practices and cultural implications.  What are your final take-aways and lessons learned from our time in Korea?


Day 8 Monday March 18

March 18, 2019


This seemed to be a day where something was going to be positive for somebody.  Perhaps you were most impressed with Daumkakao’s approach to business or their focus on employee quality of life.  Or perhaps you had most been anticipating the tea ceremony at Ocillus.  Or perhaps you have waited for months to see the coastline of Jeju Island.  Or perhaps the massage has been on your to-do list forever as well.  Daumkakao was our final company visit, and the rest of the day exposed us to why Koreans love their Jeju Island.

Day 7, Sunday March 17

March 18, 2019

Jagalchi Fish Market

Again, given the weekend, instead of company visits, today we toured a bit of Busan, before heading to the airport to continue on to Jeju Island.  We started with a visit to the quaint Gamcheon Village, with the delightful view of the colorful homes in the area.  We then waked through the Jagalchi Fish Market and the Gukje Market. (And thanks for the excellent sashimi lunch with Sol!).  We ended the day with the brief flight and arrived in Jeju with all of our bags (including Waldo’s that arrived special delivery).  What most impressed you about the visits and sights from this day’s activities?

Day 6, Saturday March 16

March 18, 2019

Given it was the weekend, rather than schedule company visits, today we decided to provide more of a tourist view of Busan.  We started on the Tohamsan Mountain and took a stroll up to the Seok Gur An grotto, this was in the Gyeongju Park.  We then entered the Bulguksa Temple.  Can you believe how many dishes and bowls we left behind in the Jungsugasung Restaurant!  In the afternoon we walked around the Daereungwon Tombs, Chomsungdae Observatory and Kyochon Village.  So, in all of that, we struck you the most in terms of the experience and as related to what you learned about Korea?

Day 5, Friday March 15

March 16, 2019

Bring on the Hyundai and KNOC in Ulsan.  It was a drive to get to Ulsan, but we were rewarded with two interesting visits, both showing the pride and effectiveness of Korean business.  What did you learn about Hyundai today and was most impressed you about the assembly line?  How did you react to KNOC and the Korean government’s efforts to stockpile oil?  In the evening, did you have a chance to take in any parts of Busan city?

Day 4, Thursday March 14

March 16, 2019

Seoul Train Station

Last day in Seoul, hard to believe how fast the time flew by.  First a little free time, and then today we visited LG, including time in the showroom.  We then ended the day on the bullet train to Busan, arriving in the dark as we drove to our hotel in Haeundae.  What did you enjoy most about the LG visit and what did it teach you about their business philosophy and how this fits into Korea?  And what did you think of Korea’s rail travel?

Day 3, Wednesday March 13

March 16, 2019

Netmarble, Sol Kim

We kept you busy today.  We started with a tour and lecture at the Bank of Korea. This was followed up with a lunch and viewing from Namsan Mountain and the Seoul North Tower.  And we then continued on to Netmarble.  Relate what you learned about Korea, Culture, Business Practices, and History?  What most impressed you about the Bank of Korea and Netmarble?

Day 2, Tuesday March 12

March 16, 2019

We started the day sliding from the second floor of Seoul Start Up, with tours and visits with Seth and his team.  We then spend the afternoon at the DMZ.  What were your take-aways from today? What did you learn about Seoul Start Up, and what did you most appreciate about the history that brought about North and South Korea?

Day 1, Monday March 11

March 13, 2019

Here we go!  Day #1, Visit #1!  Today we started things off with the panel visit with students at KAIST University. After lunch we then walked the City Tour, including Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Bukchon Hanok Village.  What are your observations from today?  What did you learn about Korean University system, MBA programs, and the approach to education?  What did you most gain from the city tour?

Day 0 Arrival, Sunday March 10

March 10, 2019

Red BeanBased on WhatsApp messages, it sounds like little by little everyone has arrived. (Sorry about the bus transfer and extra taxi Clare!).  So, what are your first impressions of Korea, of Seoul, of street food, of Myeongdong, and of everything else?

I just love first impressions, and this is our moment for first impressions of Seoul, Korea.

Photo: Bungeoppang – Fish bread with red bean paste inside.